Friday, April 1, 2011

Wal-Mart, an Elegant Pandemonium?

The foyer in Wal-Mart is a hectic site. There people of different social classes all plummet to the bottom of the social ladder. Essentially the mayor and the thief become one in the same. The upper and lower hierarchy levels combine to create a pristine race of vulgar individuals.
Through the doors lies an area, simply too outsized than needed. It juxtaposes maybe two and a half football fields and contains the amenities that the greedy desire for a price that doesn’t scathe them. A store- as some call it- is actually a front the Southern hicks (who run the franchise) use to hide their real master plan. Wal-Mart is in all actuality an arena where the brave, the weak, the beggar and the thief all jest off for the entertainment of their fellow horde of scoundrels. Many times over the doctor, the lawyer and the Indian Chief find themselves in  a battle royal over who gets the last box of discounted Cheese-Its. For this reason, Wal-Mart is not for the faint hearted.
The ambiance of this place is that of a dark, smoke- filled bar in the boondocks. The lights are dim, the smell horrendous and the sights one sees horrible. Makeshift shelves, boxes towering over each other-each row higher than the last- and employees- if that’s what you can call them are the essential items that make Wal-Mart what it is.
Thirty- eight isles of organized clutter with shelves incorrectly built, sway as the hoards of Neanderthals shop until they drop. The employees are a spectacle of hard-working five-star customer service representatives who treat every customer as the dirt they believe they are. Their own personal hell, as the workers call it, spawns itself into the lifeless and moral-less beings that walk the structure. “Welcome to Wal-Mart, don’t bother to ask me anything and make my life harder” is the thought behind the insipid greeters that plague the front doors. Cheerful and polite do not coexist with these persons.
Wal-Mart: cheap prices for cheap products, cheap employees and useless patrons. The breed of people that pay visit to this establishment are entirely a race of their own. And it’s these people that attract more frivolous individuals. It’s almost a self-esteem protector. The reputation that Wal-Mart has draws out the inner hoodlum in every person to ever step foot through their doors.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? It’s not surprising since the place is a storage facility of poor quality products and people. Shelves are jumbled with treasures roofed with layers of filth and waste. Half-eaten, unpaid for food that has undeniably expired months ago and not one worker has cared to clean it up, blankets the shelves. The organized muck masks the products that engulf the isles and cause people to simply overlook what they’re searching for.
Wal-Mart: good in theory but not in practice. It takes all types of people to make up the population of the Wal-Mart community. It’s a country in itself with a language and customs of its’ own. It’s not recommended for the faint hearted.
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