Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Favorite Online Magazine

My favorite online magazine is AMP- American Music Press- and is based on all the new and awesome bands that have hit some stage somewhere. The intended viewing audience is anywhere from the teen years to about the 'mid-life' crisis age. The website's layout is basic with a simple white background and black text. There are many photos and interviews plastered about the homepage. The website has a photo loop that introduces the weeks' best new artists. It has alot going on though and can take a while to load.

If the website was less up to date with the whole Facebook/ Twitter phenomenon it wouldn't need to have the moving linkbar and would prove to be beneficial to the websites purpose. The link bar is a distraction and has many people linking almost everything to their social network accounts. It really just takes away from the website.

It is great website though and provides accurate information and is a must read for all music fans of any genre.

To see for yourself try the link below.

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