Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writting an explication

Explication of Mélange Review done by J. Capuzzo
Mélange of Haddonfield is quickly becoming the next best five star restaurant. In her review, J. Capuzzo, gives this five star restaurant the five star treatment. She praises the head Chef’s cooking and states how great it is that"His neighbors’ meals may have made an impression on him, but it was Brown’s mother, born in Tennessee, who had the biggest impact…" She says that Chef Brown is an amazing chef because of his background and the place in which he grew up. Capuzzo gives a brief description of the menu items but maybe conveniently leaves out the prices.

Capuzzo implies that even for the chef’s background, the restaurant has a wide variety of food, and a taste for every mood. She states that the restaurant has award winning appetizers that include a very southern approach. Unfortunately the review tells of extremely spicy food, Capuzzo says "The staff refers to these Cajun-inspired dishes as "aggressively seasoned" rather than "spicy,". Luckily for the customers there is a rather understanding and customer-pleasing chef who says, "Anything can be adjusted to individual tastes." Capuzzo also redeems the restaurant by adding a piece about the amazing deserts and how there is enough provided to count as a meal.
She also provides decent imagery for what the restaurant internally looks like. So while you’re reading about eating you can almost imagine that you’re actually there. She tells of the waiters and how helpful they are and even states how Chef Brown is "a very hands-on person and will greet you and seat you and make sure you’re being properly taken care of".

Though J. Capuzzo provides a proper review and depicts everything properly, she should of written things differently. First off, the review was just a titch too long and really makes the readers loose interest. Also, though she recounts some of the food the restaurant has to offer she does not give and average price range and repeats herself a lot. There’s only a certain amount of times you need to hear about the spicy food and the southern approach; we can come to the conclusion that the food is spicy without it being stated repeatedly.

Capuzzo also takes too much time going into the background of the Chef and his cooking styles. The review was kind of centered on the cook and not really enough around the food and atmosphere, which is the main reason why people read reviews of restaurants.

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